Really. What’s holding you back from geting an iPod?

It’s been really interesting to watch as Apple has continued to lower and lower and lower the barrier to entry for people to buy their first iPod.

With the recent price drop, someone can now walk into the Apple Store and pickup an iPod Shuffle for $49.

It’s like now… if people ever wanted to try an iPod, they could just get an iPod shuffle. It’s $49. What do they have to lose?

I guess… if I wanted to learn from this, I’d ask myself that if I’m trying to sell product X how can I make it so simple that people would be like “what do I have to lose?”  It’s so easy and has such a low barrier to entry.

2 thoughts on “Really. What’s holding you back from geting an iPod?”

  1. I had one, I gave it to a friend. It isolates my self from the world, and I do not want that. I want to stay in touch with my environment. 🙂 I know some people try to do the exact opposite.

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