What is your pleasure model?

In the intro talk here at Future of Web Apps, Brian Oberkirch quoted a Kevin Marks tweet which is AWESOME:

Before worrying about your business model, get your pleasure model straight

This is so right on.  Too often, we worry about how we’re going to make money with our Web app or Web content but we don’t think about how we’re going to improve the lives of our users.

More soon…

WhyGoSolo Gets Some Much Deserved Blogosphere Love

It’s really cool to see Ann Bernard and Keith Casey’s Web app WhyGoSolo get so much deserved love from the blogosphere.

They were recently profiled:

What the app does is allow you to meetup with folks who want to attend real life local events.  That way they don’t have to go buy themselves and you get to meet someone with similar interests.

While I haven’t tried it out yet, it’s a GREAT idea and I intend to give it a whirl soon.

Plus they’re local to the Washington DC area and it’s great to see a local bootstrapped startup get international Web attention.

Headed to Miami on Wednesday

I’m totally pumped.  I’m headed to Miami on Wednesday It’s so frickin’ cold in Washington DC.  It’s 82 degrees F in Miami right now. 😀

I’ll be at BarCampMiami and Future of Web Apps (FOWA).  At FOWA, they have a killer speaker lineup like Kathy Sierra, Kevin Rose, Gary Vaynerchuk, and others.

If you’re going to either of those events or live in the Miami area, drop me a line.  I’d love to meetup.

Miss the Oscars? Watch the Oscars in 60 Seconds from Mahalo Daily.

Last night, I was flying from Michigan back to Washington DC and didn’t get home till around 11:30pm.  I completely missed the Oscars.  I was kind of bummed  It’s a show that I usually like to watch every year.

Well no worries.  The cool kids over at Mahalo Daily did a video synopsis… “The Oscars in 60 seconds.” It’s pretty good.  Check it out.

I don’t feel as bad about missing the show now.

Really. What’s holding you back from geting an iPod?

It’s been really interesting to watch as Apple has continued to lower and lower and lower the barrier to entry for people to buy their first iPod.

With the recent price drop, someone can now walk into the Apple Store and pickup an iPod Shuffle for $49.

It’s like now… if people ever wanted to try an iPod, they could just get an iPod shuffle. It’s $49. What do they have to lose?

I guess… if I wanted to learn from this, I’d ask myself that if I’m trying to sell product X how can I make it so simple that people would be like “what do I have to lose?”  It’s so easy and has such a low barrier to entry.