I’m joining Clearspring as the Developer Community Manager

For a little over a year now, i’ve been working for the government contractor CACI International as a full-time on-site contractor supporting the Library of Congress.

Well… at the end of the month, I’ll be starting a new chapter of my life.  I have accepted the position of Developer Community Manager at Clearspring, a widget and social application platform startup company in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

I’ll still be based out of Washington DC but I’ll be traveling across the country, talking to developers about widgets, talking about Clearspring’s platform, and trying to understand how the process of creating widgets and social applications can be made easier.  I’ll be picking up from the work of Clearpsring’s very own widget rockstar Will Meyer who has moved over to the engineering team.

You can expect me to do quite a bit of on the job blogging and online video.  I’ll be working to develop some of my own bad ass widgets and social apps.  I’m going to be attending quite a few user group meetings and conferences all across the country. It should be a lot of fun.

I look forward to getting out there, talking with, and getting to know as many of you as possible.  If you see me, please introduce yourself.

I’ll truly miss all of the heroes I’ve gotten to know at the Library of Congress. This is an extraordinary place with an extraordinary mission.  I know that regardless where I am in my life I’ll be an advocate and cheerleader for the Library of Congress and all that it sets out to accomplish.

25 thoughts on “I’m joining Clearspring as the Developer Community Manager”

  1. Justin,
    Congrats, that is awesome news. I have met Will a few times , and you are the perfect guy to take his place.
    Now that you will have a location in VA, we can catch up for lunch or a beer!


  2. *SIGH!* Our loss, Clearspring’s gain. Rats and congrats, Justin! Keep in touch with your old pals at the World’s Largest Whatever_we_are…

  3. I concur with everyone else on the “congrats”! Sounds like an exciting opportunity and I look forward to hearing more stories about your world travels 😉

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