Threadless – Who would have thought you could build an online community around t-shirts

I realize that according to some I may be a little bit late to the game on this one but I’ve just gotten into the online t-shirt community Threadless.

I just bought my very first Threadless t-shirt, “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth.”  I had so much fun and love the shirt enough that I’ll probably end up buying more.

The way it works is people submit t-shirt designs to Threadless and other users vote and comment on the designs.  The Threadless staff will choose some designs, print them, and compensate the designer.

There are a limited number  of the t-shirts printed and some of the more popular ones will sell out quickly which makes them just as much limited edition works of art as t-shirts.

Threadless is its just so much fun.

They have some other cool t-shirts like “Everyone Poops”,  “Pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil”, The Internet Was Closed…” and many more.  These are all sold out and I’m hoping they’ll reprint them soon so I can grab them.

So go buy a t-shirt from Threadless… participate in the community.

Have you bought a t-shirt from Threadless?  Which one do you have?

4 thoughts on “Threadless – Who would have thought you could build an online community around t-shirts”

  1. Those are great. I bought my girls the Everyone Poops shirts. They have this kids book called Everyone Poops and love it …. no i am not sure what mom will say when they come, but thats for later LOL

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