So… what happened at CES this year?

I know the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was in Las Vegas this last week but I’m not really sure what happened there. I’m not excited about anything.  My friends aren’t buzzing about anything that came out.

Apparently, Gizmodo pulled some stupid stunt…  but who cares.

Sounds like CES unveiled a bunch of really cool displays which I can’t afford or may not be available for 5 years… but doesn’t that happen every year?

Heh… I think Apple’s announcement of their Mac Pro update was more memorable and bigger news.   So… I guess I’ll to wait for Apple’s MacWorld this week to find out what I should get really excited about as far as consumer electronics.

4 thoughts on “So… what happened at CES this year?”

  1. If I was the TV or display maker, i’d be pissed because now more people are writing about Gizmodos stunt with your TVs then how amazing your TVs were.

    But yes… I did think it was kind of funny.

  2. Vaguely on-topic (re: CES *and* Apple), I went out there with some friends in 2002.

    While we were waiting in line for a restaurant, Steve Wozniak rode by on a Segway.

  3. @Ross – that’s awesome! I hear Steve W. is really cool and down to earth.

    I’d love to do a trip to Vegas sometime for CES…I hear its a wild time.

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