The social wine site Cork’d just doesn’t fit my life


I have been playing with the social wine site Cork’d since right around day one.  Anything that brings wine together with Web 2.0 is great in my book but I have to say the site doesn’t fit or integrate well into my life.

I started off really strong using Cork’d.  I was reviewing wines, adding wines to my “shopping list”, and friending people.  But… alas alack… pretty quickly my level of activity went down dramatically.

I’d drink a glass of wine but by the time I got back to my computer to type in my review I would have forgotten all of my thoughts and review.  I started writing down my thoughts about wine in a little notebook but the thoughts never made there way from the notebook to Cork’d.

Only if I had some type of mobile computing device which allowed me to input data in a simple manner that also had Web access…. just happens that I along with a few others on the planet carry a mobile phone… and mine has Web access.

I think it’d be a completely different story for Cork’d if there were some type of mobile Web site I could access to type in quick thoughts about a wine I just tried.

I find myself taking photos of wine labels with my camera phone all the time.  What if you could take a photo of a wine label, type some thoughts, put it in a MMS message and send it to a service where it’d be store for later?  It seems like that’d be such a simple way of capturing my thoughts about a wine in a way that’d integrate well with my life.

Cork’d can tell me what wines my friends are drinking and even allows me to create a shopping list.  But in order to take the shopping list with you to the wine or grocery store, i’d have to print it off or write it down… that’s so 1995.  What if you could access the wine shopping list from your mobile phone?  Even better… what if your phone knew what wines were being sold or in stock at the store that you were going to and would adjust your shopping list accordingly.

Cork’d has SOOO much potential.  Wine is such a social object.  Someone’s review of the wine is another social object…. I just think that for a service like this the capture of explicit feedback needs to better integrate with my life.

6 thoughts on “The social wine site Cork’d just doesn’t fit my life”

  1. I agree on the mobile interface need for cork’d.
    Have you emailed gary v about it yet? I know he’s a part of the group that works hard keeping cork’d up, it’s cool and I fully agree that a mobile aspect would enable you to bring your wish list, your friends lists, and recommendations with you to the store in real time (what a huge help!!)


  2. Hi Justin,
    we don’t have a mobile version yet but we’ll get there pretty soon.

    I think there’s more social to wine than we normally see and that’s why we have really built Adegga around people tracking wines and sharing.

    We’re invite only for now but if you’re interested let me know.


  3. Great ideas. I might have to start taking photos of wine labels now.

    I love the mobile concepts. Having mobile access to your thoughts about particular wines would be great too. It might keep me from calling friends from the middle of the wine aisle.

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