Twittertale – Find out who’s got the biggest potty mouth on Twitter


My friends Jason Garber, Doug March, as well as some of their compadres have just launched a new Web app called Twittertale.   It uses the Twitter API and skims what everyone is saying publicly looking for dirty words and then displays those for the world to see.  Twittertale also displays which Twitter users have the biggest potty mouth, which is also fun.

This is a really fun little application and is perfect if you need a little entertainment while you’re in the middle of doing work.

It also demonstrates some of the cool things that can be done with the Twitter API.

I look forward to seeing more great things from these gentlemen as well as seeing them evolve Twittertale.

6 thoughts on “Twittertale – Find out who’s got the biggest potty mouth on Twitter”

  1. Thanks Justin,

    It was a fun little project. We realize though that it probably isn’t very sticky. We will be adding to it, but right now we are focusing on something a little bit more “political”, Game plan is to launch it on Monday. I think the DC area will enjoy it very much.

    Curious what features you and others would like to see us add to twittertale?

  2. @Doug: I look forward to seeing the new site! I think the first thing Twittertale needs is an RSS feed. It’d be fun when you clicked on the names of the habitual offenders to actually go to a list of their tweets with dirty words rather then their Twitter profile.

    @Paul: You made me think of a fun application of Twittertale. Take different photos of people and make their quote bubble be the tweets with dirty words… seems like it could be funny. 🙂

  3. We added an RSS feed last night (in the footer) not sure it is what you are looking for. We also thought about having each tweet have its own page so people could comment, rate, etc. We nixed all that because it just seems like needless features.

    I think the real beauty will be looking at some of the data and creating some nice visualizations. Do people swear more on monday? or friday?, for instance.

    As far as gaming the system. There really isn’t a system. So I am not sure what there is to game. I will say that we do a great job of capturing most* of the tweets. Unfortunately the twitter service we use isn’t performing 100% on there end, so we miss some also. Apologies if you don’t make the list. We have noticed the service being a lot better as of late, so it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

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