Random New Year’s Thoughts…

So as we enter the New Year I have a bunch of random thoughts that I wanna share…

  • I’m still on my search for the killer application or value of the Facebook Platform.  It seems like casual gaming has really taken a lead and there is some good stuff out there.   I have been playing Oregon Trail and its actually pretty cool.   I know a lot of people who LOVE Scrabulous and WarBook, which was created by Wash DC’s very own Webs. I guess I just wonder when there will be some Facebook apps outside of casual gaming that will get some serious traction.
  • It’s been fun because more and more of my friends have been using the Web to show the world what they have (outside of the Web industry) and are having opportunities they normally wouldn’t have had otherwise. My buddy Evan Sparks has a blog about Aviation Policy and he was recently asked to do a television interview.  Also… my friend M. Jackson Wilkinson has recently launched a food magazine, The Humble Gourmand, with some friends and its seeing great success.  This is awesome.
  • It seems like there is so much great music on the Apple iTunes Store.  I can easily spend an hour jumping around and never really finding what I want.  I’d really love to see Apple acquire a company like Pandora and use them as the music discovery service for their inventory as well as a way to gain access to independent music.
  • Everyone is talking about how they’re sure that Apple is going to announce at the MacWorld expo that there will be movie rentals for the iTunes Store.  But I ask… who really wants to watch a movie on their laptop or computer.  I want to do it with my feet up sitting on my couch.  You REALLY need the Apple TV and with it not selling well there needs to be a refresh of the product unveiled soon.

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