Washington Post Reports on One Laptop per Child’s Deployment in Peru

The Washington Post has a really cool report from the recent deployment of the One Laptop per Child’s (OLPC) XO Laptops in Peru. Children’s minds are being opened to the world of possibilities which is set before them.

 “Some tell me that they don’t want to be like their parents, working in the fields,” first-grade teacher Erica Velasco says of her pupils. She had just sent them to the Internet to seek out photos of invertebrates _ animals without backbones.

Antony, 12, wants to become an accountant.

Alex, 7, aspires to be a lawyer.

Kevin, 11, wants to play trumpet.

Saida, 10, is already a promising videographer, judging from her artful recording of the town’s recent Fiesta de la Virgen.


The Queen of England is Now on YouTube

The British Monarchy is on YouTube

I’ve always had a fascination with the history and the mystique of the British Monarchy… maybe because here in the United States we don’t have a king or queen.  It’s just fascinating  to read about and watch documentaries of.  But alas… it’s always been so far away (across the Atlantic Ocean)… until now.

The British Monarch is now on YouTube.  They’ve launched their own channel.

This rocks. They can upload videos from today and from years past.  You can get a peak behind the family and inside the history… my inner nerd is smiling.

And the thing is… I must not be alone because the channel itself has almost had a quarter million views (250,000+).

The Queen is going to even upload her Christmas message to YouTube so that its available there the same time its being played live on TV.

I’d post some of the videos but they disabled embedding… bummer.

Nick O’Neill Interviews Sean Greene of LaunchBox Digital

Nick O’Neill has recently posted a great interview with Sean Greene of Lauchbox Digital up on his blog Social Times.  Sean talks about how Launchbox Digital is here to help give interactive and digital media companies and entrepreneurs the foundation they need to get ahead of their competition.  This foundation means everything from a chunk of money to advice from the smartest people in the area.

I think what Launchbox Digital is doing for the Washington DC area tech scene is great.  I hope a lot of people will apply for their  Spring/Summer 2008 Program.

Why do we still have video rental stores?

I’m home with my family for the holidays and thought maybe we all could go see National Treasure 2 which opened in the theater this week.   It lucks like a fun movie but I mainly wanna see it because the Library of Congress is featured in it.  Neither of my parents have seen the first National Treasure movie so we thought we’d rent the dvd.

So we go to one of the video rental stores in Lansing, MI but of course they don’t have it because I’m sure every family who wants to see National Treasure 2 who hasn’t seen the first one is probably having the same thought this weekend.

I guess I just ask myself.  Why do we still have video rental stores?

No… Netflix isn’t the answer.  The desire to have this video wasn’t planned out it was on an impluse so I don’t wanna wait the 2 days it takes to get dvd in the mail from them.

Why are we still dealing with the pains of physical media like dvds anyhow?

You could get the first National Treasure off of the Apple iTunes store but my family isn’t going to sit around my 13 inch MacBook and watch it.

I’m sure I could download it illegally from bittorrent (and probably the 2nd one too) but I’m not going to do that… it’s illegal and you’d still be watching the movie from a computer.

If we had an Apple TV, that wouldn’t help.  Apple TV’s only work with fancy high def tv’s.

It’s just frustrating.  There is media out there that we want to consume on a television.  We’re willing to pay money to consume it but we can’t get ahold of the media in a satisfactory way for this to happen.

Someone is losing money here. How can we fix this? There needs to be a solution to this problem.

Here’s hoping that Steve Jobs will announce a better Apple TV at the Macworld Expo.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Passes the Acid 2 Test… Hooray!

Even though plenty of people have already written about this, I wanted to pass on my congratulations to the Microsoft Internet Explorer team for passing the Acid2 test on their recent internal build of Internet Explorer 8.  I realize that is a big achievement and they should be congratulated.

Google’s Matt Cutts Explains Why Your Web Site Images Should Have Alternative (Alt) Text

Google’s rockstar search engineer and public figure Matt Cutts has recently posted a really great video that gives an overview of how you can add alternative (alt) text to the images in your HTML web page, how it helps Google, and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Check out the video and then pass it around to your friends.

Be Transparent So Your Fans Can Advocate For You

WordPress software rockstar Matt Mullenweg wrote something in a recent blog post at WordPress.com which I thought was worth calling out:

We haven’t done as good a job as we used to about blogging the constant improvements being made to the site. (We deploy changes to the site anywhere from 5 to 20 times a day!) It’s something I think we can do better in the rest of December, and hopefully keep up the good habit through 2008.

I’m a big BIG fan of WordPress and all the things they’re doing.  Generally, when companies I like do cool things, I like to tell people I know.  I’ll blog about, pownce about, tweet about it, and talk about it.  I’m a cheerleader for companies that have served me well.

I think WordPress realized something BIG.  If they’re not transparent with what’s going on in their company and their product, when they do cool things, their cheerleaders and fanboys can’t advocate for them, which is exactly what they want.

I wonder how many companies work really hard and wonder why no one notices.  Could it be that you’re not telling people about what you’re doing?

MORAL OF THE STORY: Be Transparent.