Cheers to One Laptop per Child’s (OLPC) Mary Lou Jepsen

When I visited the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Headquarters in Cambridge, MA, the first thing that I noticed is everyone working so intensely.  They were all on a mission.  They’re changing the world.

One of those employees that was busy working to change the world and that I had the pleasure of meeting at OLPC HQ on one of my visits is their Chief Technology Officer Mary Lou Jepsen.

According to OLPC President Walter Bender’s weekly community news email letter, Mary Lou Jepsen is leaving OLPC for new adventures.

She has done a great deal for the project by inventing the laptop’s display which allows you to view it in direct sunlight, which ROCKS!!!!  She also co-invented the laptop’s power management, which gives you more battery life then any other laptop you’ll get your hands on.

The OLPC XO Laptop and the knowledge that comes with it will be so much more usable and accessible to many more children across the  world because of Mary Lou Jepsen’s contributions.

So on this New Year’s Eve, Mary Lou I lift my glass to you. Cheers!

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