Random Thoughts while Watching TV

I’m sitting here watching tv with my parents and have a bunch of random thoughts…

  1. So… where is the killer Facebook app?  Up until now, all of the Facebook applications have been pretty silly and elementary.  Many of people told me… “just wait. the killer app is coming.  it just will take time to make it.”  Well… where is it???  It just seems like the general buzz around Facebook applications has died down.
  2. I’m really hoping that Steve Jobs announces an Apple TV 2.0 in January at Macworld Expo.  I want it to be cheaper.  I want it to work with any television.  I want it to have a big hard drive on it.  It seems like this would be a killer product.  I want to be able to easily watch Wine Library TV on my  television.
  3. I’m hoping that Mobile Web will take off in 2008.  People need to see what is possible by having the Web in the palm of their hand.  I guess… cost needs to go down… speed needs to go up.  I hope 3g gets better.
  4. I’m having a hard time evangelizing Twitter to some of my friends.  They just don’t see why it’s important.  How do you show them that its beneficial to have that constant connection to some of the people you’re friends with?
  5. I really dig Pownce but people seem to be confused about it.  They see it as a Twitter competitor even though Leah Culver has time and time again said its more like lightweight e-mail.  Was it bad timing that has caused Pownce’s downfall?
  6. Is it bad that we’re using these silo’d systems like Twitter and Pownce?  I can’t view someone’s Facebook status on my Twitter account.  I can’t send a Pownce Message to someone’s Facebook Message account.

More thoughts later…

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts while Watching TV”

  1. ref #2. I am really surprised AppleTV hasnt taken off. I have the 160GB version and LOVE it. My entire DVD collection is on an external HD and in iTunes. I have it connected thru a SlingMedia TurboLink, which is just a home powerline network hub and I STREAM all my movies without a hiccup. I sync nothing to the 160GB … glad i waited for the larger HD huh ?… Anyway, I think if some form of critical mass got behind the AppleTV it would be a total winner. Maybe people are a little shortsighted about it ?

  2. @Justin, for #4 – Twitter maybe you have to explain to them it is more look IM that is stored . This way they can review anytime and not just when they are logged in.

    They might find it useful to get to know people more without having see see them or talk to them as often. I have learned a lot about a bunch of people that normally I would only sees once a month or so.

  3. #1 It depends on your standards for “killer”. I’ve spent more time on FB playing Noggin and Scrabulous than I have on MySpace, period.

    #5 “Was it bad timing that has caused Pownce’s downfall?” No; it’s the fact they’ve been in the invite-only stage for far too long.

  4. Hey Justin,
    It looks like your blog is getting some major hits, congrats.

    With regards to your question about interoperability, I believe that google released something, maybe it was an API or something, or maybe just some talk, to be able to do just that.

    However, would it be possible for twitter or another company to create a facebook account as an interface to send messages?
    Or are you hoping for something more discrete like JThorp@twitter talks to EdLen@facebook, and it works just like an e-mail would?

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