Get “A Preview of HTML 5”

Yesterday, W3C HTML Working Group member Lachlan Hunt had an article published in the Web magazine A List Apart called “A Preview of HTML 5, which you all should read.

It covers some of the new features in HTML 5 like the header, nav, and footer tags.  It also touched on the video and audio tags and how Opera and Apple are already experimenting with how they’d implement them.

If anything, I think the article is a sort of “call to action”.  If we want to make HTML 5 a reality then it needs to be a community effort.  It can’t just be a few folks in the working group.  The HTML Working Group needs your help.

Do you think we need a new version of HTML?  What features would you want to see in it?

Do the features that are currently listed in the spec make sense or do they have the potential to be abused or misused as much as what’s layed out in HTML 4? (I guess we won’t know the answer to this question until its implemented.)

Read the article and please share your thoughts.

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