Zipcar has a Great Mobile Web Site!

Zipcar Mobile Web site Screenshot

While the mobile Web in the USA has a long way to come, there are some shining examples of what it can be. Car sharing and hourly rental service Zipcar has one of the best mobile Web site’s I’ve seen.

My whole family was in town last weekend. We were out and about and thought it might be fun to get a Zipcar to do some more shopping. The thing is… I wasn’t near my computer or my apartment for that matter. All I had was my mobile phone.

I typed “” into Pocket Internet Explorer on my Samsung Blackjack. It auto-detected that I was surfing from my mobile phone and gave me the mobile Web site. I was quickly able to see if there was or wasn’t any cars available. It was so handy. It was quick and easy.

Not only is it useful but it makes me more happy with Zipcar as a company.  It makes me think they understand me as a customer.  They understand that we live mobile lives.  We don’t just need a car when we’re at home and in front of our computers.

If you plug Zipcar’s mobile Web site into dotMobi’s evaluation tool , you can see that Zipcar has followed industry standards. It scored a 5 out of 5.

This is the kind of site that is going to people in the USA excited about the mobile Web.

One thought on “Zipcar has a Great Mobile Web Site!”

  1. When your out and on the go – the definition of Zipcar – mobile makes a lot of sense. It’s disappointing that more people and organizations haven’t started pushing it yet.

    But things are changing. 😉

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