The Apple iPhone is the Next E-Book Reader Not the Kindle

So it seems like everyone and their brother is talking about the Amazon Kindle E-Book reader.  Well, I’m not a fan yet.

  1. It’s something else that I have to carry.  Do I wanna carry one more device?
  2. It’s expensive.  It’s $400 (well $399).   Is carrying paper books with you that much of a problem?  A big enough problem that it’d be worth $400.
  3. If I lose a hardback book, I’ve lost $25.  If I lose the Kindle, I’ve lost $400. (This is speaking from someone who was mugged and got his iPhone stolen.)

I think the future of e-books is the Apple iPhone.  It’s something more people already have.  It’s the most popular device with the biggest screen.  It has a good battery.

The Apple iPhone is also launching it’s SDK in February.  Who’s going to write the e-book reader app come February?

Happy Birthday to Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV

Our friend and father of the Vayner-nation Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV turned 32 today and I want to wish him a BIG happy birthday today.

Drop on over to his video blog and give him some last minute birthday wishes.

Congrats to Flickr on 2 Billion Photographs

It was just recently announced on their blog that Flickr has passed their 2 billionth photograph.  I want to personally congratulate the Flickr crew on this impressive milestone.

Flickr has helped me in so many ways.  I now feel like I can stay better connected through the photos of my family and friends.  I also feel empowered to instantly touch the other side of the world through someone’s photos.  It’s awesome!

*raises a glass to the Flickr crew*

What’s the coolest photograph that you’ve seen lately on Flickr?

Adding A Topic Page

For a while, I’ve been keeping a list of relevant posts that I’ve written about in certain areas so that I could see what i’d been writing about  and more easily refer to some posts in posts i’d be writing later.

Well I’ve decided to start exposing that list in a topics page

As with all things with me and this blog, it’s an experiment.  Hopefully it will give you one more view into the content I write… exposing you to content I’ve written that maybe you haven’t seen before.

Learning About W3C Test Suites

One W3C concept which I didn’t fully wrap my head around till recently is the idea of a test suite.  It is a set of files that each test a certain property or aspect of a specification (… being things like HTML, CSS, or SVG).

For example, there could be a test which makes sure that a browser can render bold text correctly.  That’s all it’d do.  You’d view the file in the browser and you can quickly tell that whether the browser passed or failed.

There are a bunch of test suites…

Test suites are important so that you can test that the specification was implemented properly.   What good is a spec unless it’s been implemented somewhere and implemented consistently?

Blogs at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

At the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Technical Plenary and Advisory Council week last week, there was concern that not enough people knew about the W3C blogs.

Well here is a list of some of the ones that I read…

There are probably more that I just don’t know about. Hopefully someone will send me those links

These blogs are a great opportunity to interact and have a conversation with those who have an influential role on the future of the Web.