Learning About W3C Test Suites

One W3C concept which I didn’t fully wrap my head around till recently is the idea of a test suite.  It is a set of files that each test a certain property or aspect of a specification (… being things like HTML, CSS, or SVG).

For example, there could be a test which makes sure that a browser can render bold text correctly.  That’s all it’d do.  You’d view the file in the browser and you can quickly tell that whether the browser passed or failed.

There are a bunch of test suites…

Test suites are important so that you can test that the specification was implemented properly.   What good is a spec unless it’s been implemented somewhere and implemented consistently?

2 thoughts on “Learning About W3C Test Suites”

  1. What I have found out thru my experiences, none of those standards does haven’t yet fully implemented by browser developers. The Spoon clips where made using SVG and I didn’t got them work none of those 300M SVG enabled handsets. Until Ikivo made me decent media player supporting SVG. Those work with Opera 9 which should be available for mobiles somewhere in near feature. I was exited, when Apple announced SVG support in their Safari 3 but to my surprise they still do not support SMIL animations and it could take them a year-two period to develop it for iPod and iPhone.
    I wrote my WAP publishing platform using XML, XSLT and CSS. However, it works properly only with Opera and Safari again. So there is long way to go until those standards will be implemented. Until then, I can’t launch my animation series commercially so hoping to keep the project running by accepting donations.

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