At the W3C Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee Meetings Week

Well this week I’m not writing you from my home base in Washington DC.  I’m up in Boston, MA for the W3C’s Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee Meetings Week… that’s a mouthful. 

It’s a week where the individual working groups get together and meet.  We also pick one day (Wednesday) and get everyone in one BIG room and meet, folks give presentations, and discuss issues.  It’s a good time. 

In the past at these events, I’ve had the opportunity of getting to chat with some of the smartest people in the Web.  I always learn a ton.

Over the course of the week, I’m going to be posting my thoughts, photos, notes, and I’m sure much much more.  Cheers!

2 thoughts on “At the W3C Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee Meetings Week”

  1. this year’s experiment (combining the TP and AC meetings) promises to be interesting. yet, i miss having the TP in March. i look forward to seeing you there.

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