Find Washington DC Metro Times via SMS

Metro Times Screenshot

Washington DC programming rockstar Zvi Band has just launched a cool new Web app called Metro Times. It allows you to send a text message (SMS) with the name of a metro station to an address and it will send back to you the times of the upcoming trains. It’s awesome.

What’d make this app even better is if it were a mobile web app and not just for SMS.

This site provides essentially the same content as the iPhone Web app Meenster. Metro Times is great for those who are iPhone-less.

4 thoughts on “Find Washington DC Metro Times via SMS”

  1. Nice, but yeah, traincheck’s been offering SMS->email train times for a while. My LastCall service for DCist did the same through an all-SMS interface, although I had to shut it down after a while. It should be relaunching as a Twitter bot in the next week or two, though.

    Now if WMATA would just provide a bus-location API.

  2. Thanks guys – I actually found out about TrainCheck long after initially writing metro times. Tom, I also saw LastCall, I’m sorry you had to shut it down!

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