I need to find good new restaurants

Tonight i was walking through Dupont Circle to meet up with folks at Brickskellers for Copynight DC and tasty beers. On my way there I was passing all these restaurants that I had never been to. I realized how much I go to the same place over and over and over again.

There should be a site where my friends and I can easily say what restaurants we go to and then tell each other which ones we’ve tried. That’s Yelp right?

But I want more… I want something that helps me to discover new restaurants. We need an equivalent of what Pandora does for music but for eating and restaurants.

9 thoughts on “I need to find good new restaurants”

  1. Justin, thanks for coming to CopyNight.

    I was just about to write about the difficulties setting up a restaurant Pandora, but then a lightning bolt hit me and I realized how to make it workable and fun.

    If you ever want to discuss this, let me know. I’d love to work on it.

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