Preliminary SXSW Interactive Panel List Announced

I’m really excited because this upcoming March (in 2008) will be the first time I go to the South by Southwest Interactive conference (SXSW). 🙂  I just noticed that they announced a preliminary list of some of the panels that were selected.  Some of the panels that look interesting are:

  • Building Portable Social Networks (Jeremy Keith)
  • The Elephant Online: Digitally Expanding Information Memory (Joshua Schachter)
  • Scalability Boot Camp (Jakobj Heuser)
  • Self Replicating Awesomeness: The Marketing of No Marketing (Brian Oberkirch)

Are you going to SXSW?  If so, what panels are you excited about seeing?

(Thanks to Brian for pointing out the programming announcement)


3 thoughts on “Preliminary SXSW Interactive Panel List Announced”

  1. Sarah and I are hoping to both go. It all depends on how successful / needy PearBudget is. We’ll see. Certainly hope to.

    What do you think about FOWA Miami? I’m wondering if that might be a more useful / less hype-y conference. Brian Oberkirch will be chairing it, I believe, which should be awesome.

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