Do you use Digg? If so, what is your username?

My Digg Profile

Ever since they made their recent round of changes, I’ve been using Digg more and more to find interesting stories on the Web.

I think one of my favorite features is to see what sites my friends are digging. Their diggs mean more than that of some random dude on the site. Plus its an easier way to filter through the 1000s of articles that go up everyday on Digg, without just depending on what’s recently popular.

The thing is… for this aspect of Digg to be useful, more of my friends need to use it. Do you use Digg? If so, what’s your user name? If you don’t use Digg, why don’t you use Digg?

One thought on “Do you use Digg? If so, what is your username?”

  1. Hiya Justin,

    So until tonight, I’ve stayed away from Digg — /. seemed like enough of a time sink for anyone, and ma.gnolia covers my social bookmarking needs. But, about two months ago, I vowed to stop avoiding technologies that aren’t the facebook, so I’m MattBowen there. Now to figure out what to actually do with it…

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