If Facebook Just Wastes Time, Can’t It Be Easily Replaced?

There is an interesting thread in the blogosphere about how Facebook might just be a gigantic way to be unproductive.  Web standards luminary  Jeffrey Zeldman and even Facebook app consultant/self-proclaimed Facebook addict Nick O’Neill have  admitted to its unproductive qualities.

The question I ask is… if the best thing Facebook has going for it is its ability to help you waste time really well, can’t it be easily replaced or won’t it slowly die out?  How can this be a long term viable platform?

Some other Web application or social network is going to help you waste time in an even more fun way and people will flood to that, in the same way that people are moving away from MySpace to Facebook.

At TechCrunch40, everyone got super excited when Mark Zuckerberg announced the new venture fund they’d be starting to spur on the growth of Facebook applications.   They have apparently set away $10 million for this.  I guess this means I can apply to get $25k to build the next generation in Zombie biting Facebook applications.

Please, someone build me a Facebook applications that blows my mind.  Build me an application that really takes advantage of the social graph in an meaningful way.   Show me how you use it in a way that is beneficial to your day to day.

I like Facebook Events but I’d rather use Upcoming or Evite because its not as restrictive.   I like Facebook Photos but I like Flickr better because everyone can see it.  Facebook Video is great but I don’t use it that much.

I need more.

5 thoughts on “If Facebook Just Wastes Time, Can’t It Be Easily Replaced?”

  1. Justin,
    I think you have touched on something that most people do not want to admit (and what I mean by that are those that are hyping FB up for their own financial gains). I think the launch of the fund is just another way for them to put their marketing machine to work, but like you said, if it is a waste of time, it will not be too long before someone comes up with a more creative way to be unproductive. Then those that stand to gain financially from FB will jump to the new new thing and claim it is the wave of the future.

  2. websites/apps that change peoples lives are those that become a part of our daily routine. Those are the ones that have worth to me.

    If a client came to me wanting to build a facebook app, I would have to turn them down. Not because it is facebook, because I don’t see it is a beneficial to the client. All it would do is make my pockets full of their money, and bring them little return. Call me old fashion, I like long term solutions, not current fads.

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