is a great search engine

This week I was doing some research on php and unicode. I put my search terms into Google and just wasn’t getting what I wanted. It was kind of frustrating.

An hour or two later, I decided to try something different. I’d used as my search engine. I found exactly what was I looking for.

It really makes the case that human-powered search may be the direction where things should go. Yahoo was genius for snatching up.

You’ve seen so many other services which want you to enter in explicit feedback about a Web site (digg, stumble upon) but it just doesn’t make complete sense. It’s hard to get a lot of involvement. With, they take advantage of the natural instinct to bookmark a Web page and organize those bookmarks.

Have you used sites like, Mahalo, or ChaCha as search engines? If so, what do you think? If no, what’s holding you back?

5 thoughts on “ is a great search engine”

  1. I use as a seach engine all the time. It is great for finding info plus you know you are probably not gonna run into spam or crappy links since these were personally picked by users of the service rather then a seach engine indexing everything.


  2. yeah ive been doing this since I started using del.icio years ago.. I love finding notes ppl dont intend for people to be reading.. and you have the payoff of finding a quality account with a stocked tag.. which you cant get with google.. the question is why isnt yahoo leveraging more of this great content in their search results…

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