Digg Redesign Launches But Still No OpenID Support

The Digg community woke up this morning to a new design of their favorite Web site.  Kevin Rose and Daniel Burka announced the redesign as a step toward allowing them to add new features like Digg Images. (Big whoop! Geeks will be voting on their favorite lolcat. It’s nothing that exciting.)

I was kind of hoping that we’d finally get OpenID support at Digg but alas alack no such luck.

Has the excitement around OpenID fizzled out? It just seems like there aren’t many big companies with are following through with their support of the technology.  It was kind of hoping that support at Digg would help to keep the torch going.


One thought on “Digg Redesign Launches But Still No OpenID Support”

  1. I think it will come at a later point. That sounds like a lot of work on their already stressed out backend.

    I really like the tweaked look, much better on the eyes and proof that good design doesn’t have to be gradients.

    I think it would be cool to work for digg someday…

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