What Online Television Shows Do You Watch?

One of the sessions at BarCamp DC that I heard a lot of buzz about after words was Joe Price‘s discussion of the Future of Television.  I’m bummed I missed it but I was facilitating one of the other rooms.

Joe and I talked after and we thought it’d be cool to get an online thread going about what kind of online television shows people are watching.

I watch (in no particular order)…

What do you watch?  Leave me a comment.  Write a blog post about it.    I don’t have cable tv so I wanna hear about what new shows I should be watching.

I’d love to hear from as many people as possible.

It’d be especially cool to hear from folks that were at BarCamp DC.  Matt, Jason, Jackson, Cindy, PatrickSamantha, Brian… tag you’re it.  Post about your favorite online tv shows and then tag  more people.

Maybe you don’t watch much online tv.  If that’s the case, post about why and what’s missing.  What would make it a better experience?

6 thoughts on “What Online Television Shows Do You Watch?”

  1. When NBC canceled “The Black Donnellys” during the spring and made the remaining episodes available online, I watched the rest of the season at nbc.com. But that is the only online TV that I have watched. Why?

    I have a gigantic TV with DirectTV’s sports package, so there’s not much online that can compete with what I can see on my TV. Also, I operate a music webcast 24/7 and I like to reserve my bandwidth for that.

    If an online TV show ever becomes a “can’t miss” thing like the Sopranos, then I’ll wait to buy it on DVD and watch it on my big screen.

  2. I actually don’t watch things on my laptop. Why? Well I have this huge tv I bought a few years back and the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is stare at my 17″ screen when I have a 60″ tv. 😛 Plus I have a tivo and it takes too long to download it onto a laptop.The times I do watch tv on my laptop is when I’m on a plane and there isn’t an alternative.

  3. I am addicted to current.tv online and on cable. I can confidently say its the only network I watch. I find it appealing for a variety of reasons including it’s format and user created content. Crap…. i knew i was going to have to write a blog about this sooner or later.

    I did, however just discover http://geekentertainment.tv/ last night. I will keep you posted if i find any others

  4. So 60 days later I finally saw this after fiddling with technorati 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t have flash working on my computer, so I don’t actually watch anything now. When Ubuntu Gutsy comes out though, I’m planning to fix that.

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