Help geeks find God by supporting Kim Diebolt at RIT

During my tenure at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), while getting my undergraduate degree, I was stretched physically, mentally, and emotionally due to the intense nature of the academic load that was thrusted upon me. One of the things that got me through college was the community that I surrounded myself with.

One of the primary sources of that community for me was the RIT chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ. It was a group of 30 to 40 college students who were also walking through the academic trenches but had a common Christian faith. When our noses weren’t in the books or in front of our computers, we spent time together supporting each other and showing the love of God to one another. It was exciting community to be a part and watch grow.

One of my best friends Kim Diebolt is a very talented photographer and graduated at the same time I did. Last year, instead of going on to what I’m sure would be an illustrious photography career, she decided to stay RIT as an intern for the RIT chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ.

It was fun over the course of the year to hear from her about all of the incredible stories that were coming from what the RIT Campus Crusade for Christ chapter was doing.

Again this year, as a part of this incredible leap of faith, she has to raise her own salary for the year. It’s something I’m not sure i’d have the faith to do. She is currently in the process of finding donors.

I don’t post about these kind of things often here but I figured I’d ask because this is a cause which I’m passionate about and it has helped me personally. Would any of you be interested in supporting Kim Diebolt and her mission of serving the students at the Rochester Institute of Technology through Campus Crusade for Christ???

If so, go here –

Her mission is a cause that I’m proud to support. Would any of you be willing to join me? Even if its just $20, that’d rock! That’s skipping a weeks worth of lattes at Starbucks.

Even if you’re not Christian, this group will help to get geeks in college out of their dorm rooms to do fun social things. This is a good thing.

I appreciate you all of your for reading this blog and this post. If you have any questions, please get in contact with me or send Kim an e-mail at Kimberly DOT Diebolt AT uscm DOT org .

2 thoughts on “Help geeks find God by supporting Kim Diebolt at RIT”

  1. Hey, I came across your blog when I searched “Washington DC Campus Crusade for Christ” on Google. I actually work for CCC here in the DC area.

    Don’t tell anyone, but I like that you named your blog after good beer. How long have you been in the DC area?

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