Are We Replacing Real Relationships with Facebook, Jason Calacanis Asks

In a recent post, Jason Calacanis asks the question

Is Facebook a more efficient, rejection-free, surrogate for the real world? Is that what we want?

I think Jason Calacanis is on to something. Granted there are TONS of positives to it but people can use Facebook as a way not having to deal with relationships in real life.

With Facebook, I can decide who I want to or not to hear from. There aren’t as many surprises. It’s me crafting my own little world that I want to live in. Is that healthy?

Part of life is learning to live with what you can’t control.

More on this to come…

4 thoughts on “Are We Replacing Real Relationships with Facebook, Jason Calacanis Asks”

  1. Not to get all philosophical but, um, yeah. Unfortunately there aren’t enough folks calling it out from within the industry. Do we need a “day of silence” for social networks?

  2. Any opportunity to poke fun, I’ll take. Thanks for keeping me up to date on all the web stuff I don’t have time to find out pro-actively.

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