We Need a Facebook & Netflix Mashup

For the longest time, I was a Blockbuster Online user (I’m not sure why). I recently changed over to Netflix. I’m still not completely sure how the services are that much different but I’ll be reporting back soon.

Anywho… I was thinking that there should be an application on Facebook which takes what movies that I and my friends have seen through Netflix and shows them in my Facebook newsfeed. For example, I just got the movie The Queen. My friends would be “Oh, Justin got ‘The Queen’ on Netflix. He thought it was great Maybe I should get it?”

This would be even better then what Flixster is trying to do with their movies Facebook application because you already have a service (Netflix) which is recording a user’s movie viewing habits and their reviews.

Too many new applications ask me to do too much. They want me to add all kinds of information into their system. The thing is the information already exists in other places.

What’s the latest application you’ve used where you’ve had to review something or enter something that you’ve already entered in for the thousandth time?

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