“A place where everyone knows your name”

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about using blogs as a method of forming a relationship of trust with your readers.  What blogging does is make you available.

Blogging says I wanna have a conversation with you.  It says I care about what you think and I want your feedback.  It’s HUGE.

Blogging is a lot like a Professor’s open office hours.  It says I want you to come and chat with me.

It makes you and your opinions visible.

If I think about leaders in the technology industry, there are so many whom I feel like I know because I read there blogs.  They’re visible but also feel available.   If you asked me what their name was I could tell you.

But then there are those technology leaders who don’t publish blogs, I don’t know their names.  I don’t have the level of trust with them.

Lesson of the day: Blog

2 thoughts on ““A place where everyone knows your name””

  1. I agree completely. I blog, I talk to other bloggers I like to think that I have a good relation ship with my on line friends. As an example, I’ve been made a moderator on a site where I have never met any of the members – most are on the other side of the Atlantic or planet, but the trust has been built up over a period of years

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