iPhone Web Apps Can Never Replace Actual Applications

As I had mentioned before,  there is a pretty vibrant community of developers who are excited about making Web applications for the Apple iPhone.  This is awesome.

These applications are great but I have to admit that they can never replace actual applications.  iPhone applications just don’t have the same responsiveness and feel that actual applications do.  Maybe it’s just that EDGE and WiFi in my area are just not snappy enough.

It’s not that the Web apps can’t work.  It’s just that they aren’t good enough.  If I need information from an application right now, I don’t wanna wait that little bit of time for it to load.  I want the information right now.  If I’m surfing on my phone because I’m waiting for someone, that’s different.  I’ll wait the extra time.

Even with the release of Blue Flavor’s Leaflets, which gives all of these applications a really great streamlined design and ui on the iPhone,  it just feels clunky and not as responsive as i’d want it.

Steve Jobs, when will people be able to develop applications that are running off of the client side and not loaded completely over the Web?  Tell me now.

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