Jakob Nielsen Gives Advice on How to be an Elite(ist) Writer

Well Jakob Nielsen has come down from his Parthenon to give advice on how to write for all of us lowly bloggers. In his latest column “Write Articles, Not Blog Postings,” he says that if you want to write for most people short pithy blog posts are fine but if you really want to be professional and elite you must write long winded bloviation in the form of an article.

I used to hold Jakob in high esteem but thats when the Web was considered largely as a one-way medium (pre-Web 2.0). Now more people than ever are using the Web as venue for community and conversation. This is community and conversation that Jakob hasn’t been a part of and sounds like he feels like he’s too good for. He must only like the community and conversation which comes from one of his over-priced conferences.

Is it just me or do people not speak of Jakob Nielsen in the same way that we all did five years a go? I remember when I saw Jakob Nielsen at a conference 5 years ago. Everyone was curious whether they should genuflect when they saw him. Now you mention the name Jakob Nielsen and most people will, “Oh I read his one book 5 years ago.” Could the general lack of Neilsen enthusiasm be because he’s not participating in the community or any of the conversations?

In today’s world, where so many people are out there trying to be an expert in something or another, I want them to be well thought out and factual but I don’t them to be distant. I want someone who is going to treat me like an equal and ask me for my trust. I want someone who is going to show me that they’re a real person.

Lesson of the Day:  Be more like Scoble and less like Nielsen.

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