Broadcasting Your Presence Online Will Raise Your Brand Awareness

I’m really fascinated by the idea of broadcasting your presence. People are broadcasting real-time messages about where they are and what they’re doing to their friends or even the world. Applications like Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce are getting more and more popular.

What’s happening is we’re opening up a completely new class of real-time communication that we didn’t have before. Most people only check their e-mail a couple times a day. You may talk to someone on the phone a few times a week if you’re really close. You may see someone in person but you’re not with them every second of the day.

On a basic level, what’s the question that everyone asks of eachother when you’re on the phone, “what are you up to?” People want to stay connected. Now they can easily by using these applications to broadcast they’re presence over the Web.

So this works really well from person to person, why not from business to consumer? Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce give your consumers the ability to stay in touch with your organizaiton on the most intimate of levels.

I think it’d be the perfect way to seed word of mouth advertising. Did your company just launch a new product? Are they going to hold some special event? Broadcast it real time using a presence application. Instantly people will get this information and will start talking about it.

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