More Apple iPhone Reactions…

 So I’ve had the Apple iPhone for a few days now.  I’ve really started to put it through its paces.  Here are some more thoughts…

The User Interface

It’s just so damn responsive.  When you touch something, it does something.  It’s the way you expect a touch screen to work. Go into an Apple or AT&T store today and play withit.  You’ll be blown away.  This is good because the touch screen is so central to the way the who iPhone works.

Now into some things I don’t like about the phone…


You can’t view message threads.  This is annoying.  I don’t want to have to scroll super far to see where a message started.

Google Maps 

It seems like there should be some way for me to put in where my default location is and then it will have a base location to start looking for stuff.  Right now, if I look in there for sushi, it will search the whole country.  This isn’t helpful.

If you get directions from one spot to another and then decided to jump to another application and then come back to the directions, the directions you originally got will be gone.   It’d be nice if it prompted me and asked if I wanted to get rid of my current directions set.


It doesn’t have support for the different calendar types which you can in iCal.  For example, right now I have all of my church events separated out onto a different calendar than my geek events.  On the iPhone, they all look the same.


The iPhone would be so so so much better if there was some way to send pictures right from the phone to Flickr.  I realize they probably want us to use iPhoto for everything related to photos but… yeah.  I hope a Flickr exporter is one of the first third-party apps that get built when Apple opens the iPhone up.


I’ve had some problems with asking the phone to multi-task.  I’ll be listening to music and surfing the Web and all of a sudden the music just stops.  It’s very weird.


Fortunate for all of us, most of the problems i’ve had with it are software issues.  It’s something that can be fixed with an update.  I wonder when Apple is going to release the first round of patches?

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