BarCampWashingtonDC Tentative Date Change

The hardest part of setting up a conference is getting the right venue and then locking in the date accordingly.

In order to get the best venue possible for BarCampWashingtonDC, we have tentatively changed (98% permanently) the event date to August 10th (opening party) and August 11th (conference sessions).

We hope to announce the venue soon.  *crosses fingers and toes* It’s just tough to find the right spot to house 100 geeks that has free wifi and outlets.

We have also launched an event Web site…. check it out at: 

Thanks to Jason and his crew for their HTML/CSS wizardy in doing the site.

The BarCampWashingtonDC site also has a paypal account.  If you wanna sponsor the event, feel free to drop in some lovin’.  We accept donations up to $250.

3 thoughts on “BarCampWashingtonDC Tentative Date Change”

  1. Hey Justin, great to hear that BarCampDC is coming together! You might hate me for proposing this, but I’m hoping to run BarCampEarth — the 3-yr anniversary of BarCamp — on August 19th. I realize that you can’t always controls dates and venues, especially now that you’re close to confirming, but if you wanted to be a *camp in the BarCampEarth event, you might want to push your event back to Aug 19th…


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