Is Flickr Just the Start of More Translated and Localized Web 2.0 Apps?

Flickr UI Translated
My Flickr account translated into Chinese (I think?)

If you haven’t already heard, this week Flickr released seven localized versions of their user interface. It is now available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Portuguese. This is exciting news.

While Flickr may have some more issues to work out, I have a feeling this will play a huge role in Flickr more effectively attracting a much bigger global audience.

Yahoo! VP (and man who the Flickr team reports to) Bradley Horowitz, referring to the recent announcement, recently wrote in his blog, “Flickr is stupid, and late… but redeems itself.” I think we all can learn a lesson from this.

Isn’t it time that all of the popular Web 2.0 applications start moving in the direction of translating and localizing their interfaces? We should be building our applications from the beginning with the understanding that we at some point will be localizing the UI.

It is a WORLD WIDE Web. It won’t take a long for a Web app to get a world-wide audience.

When will Digg or Facebook follow Flickr’s lead? Back in November 2006, there was a post on the Digg blog about how they were internationalizing their databases by moving to UTF8. There has been no sign of Digg taking any big next steps.

4 thoughts on “Is Flickr Just the Start of More Translated and Localized Web 2.0 Apps?”

  1. You’re right. This is very much down the line of what I was saying in my post. If you want to expand your market you have to make it usable for more people. Simple!


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