Team, Stop Lurking at Join the Conversation

A referrer from interal docs to my blog

(above is a screen capture from my referrers)

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how I thought it was unprofessional of the Web Team for their beta redesign site to use some presentational HTML tables and to have invalid markup.

Today I got a few visitors who were referred from:

The page doesn’t load. If I had to guess, it’s an internal wiki. Turner Broadcasting is documenting all of the blogs that are talking about the beta redesign. I’m ticked that they finding important to read blogs and find out what we think but…

Instead of the Web development folks at Turner Broadcasting lurking in the background just reading the post, why do you post a comment… join the conversation?

Explain to me and the rest of us Web standardistas the business justification for publishing a site that doesn’t conform to best practices (valid HTML for content and CSS only for design) that everyone in the Web industry agrees are in the best interest of anyone.

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