Read RSS Feeds and Blogs in Google Reader Offline with Google Gears

Tonight I sat down after dinner to read about what was happening in the blogsphere. I opened Google Reader. After a few minutes, I noticed a new feature. You can read your RSS Feeds and Blogs with Google Reader offline.

First you download the Firefox Extension Google Gears. Second you download the latest 2000 entries within Google Reader. Finally disconnect your computer from the Internet and you can read away.

It’s pretty nice.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this mentioned yet on the Google Blog Reader Team Blog or the Google Corporate Blog. This is a neat feature.

Has anybody else gotten this yet?

Update: Apparently this is part of a larger movement on the part of Google. Their Google Gears browser plug-in is an open source application they’re releasing with the hope that developers will use it as a platform to build more offline applications. I wonder how easy it is to develop with. When will they have this incorporated into GMail?

Update:  Chris Wetherell of Google has posted something about the new features up on the Google Reader Blog.

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