This blog is blocked in China

According to the site Great Firewall of China, this blog is blocked in China. I didn’t realize information about Web 2.0 and a copy of my resume was a threat to the Chinese government.

Update: According to a recent commenter, my blog can be accessed in China. Maybe I’m only blocked in one part of China or the Great Firewall of China test just isn’t accurate.

My blog is blocked in China

2 thoughts on “This blog is blocked in China”

  1. I visit your page in China.

    I test my personal msn space which can be visited by my friends then it still shows blocked. So maybe the test result is not accurate.

  2. I think it depends on where you are in China, some places are censored more heavily than others. In general, though, an educated populace is the enemy of any successful dictatorship/communist regime.

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