WWW207: Dan Appelquist on “Towards a mobileOK Web”

Note: These are rough notes from the WWW2007 conference.

On cost… the industry is moving towards flat rates.  Vodafone is going to be making announcements soon.  The costs are coming down.

The W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group has been hard at work developing Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 document.   Thematic consistency is huge.  Its a big tenant of the oneWeb principle.

mobileOK is a set of conformance tests.  There are 2 levels, basic and pro.  There is also a machine-readable trust-mark.

In the future, they’re finishing up mobileOK or guidelines for more advanced devices (i.e. scripting, css.)

Mobile widgets is also the future.  The Apple iPhone is making this popular.  It’s desktop functionality on your phone.

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