MobEA V: Michael O’Farrell from dotMobi

Note: These are notes from the MobEA V: Mobile Web in Developing Worlds Workshop, which is located with WWW2007.

dotMobi is a trade forum on how to use the .mobi domain. The domain is owned by investors. The expectation is to make made for mobile web sites.

Michael represents the advisory group. They talk with people in industry on best practices, policy issues, and how the mobile web gets used. The core values is to include everyone, integrate with others work, and others…

They have over 50 members from around the world.

The consumer needs to know where to go. Web sites are starting to be rolled out as It’s a trust mark that this Web site works on a mobile phone.

There are tools and resources

  • – full detailed report on how a site would work on a mobile phone
  • guides & white papers
  • certification program

The dotMobi Advisory Group is creating task forces and workgroups to take on issues and interface with other organizations. One issue they’re interested in taking on or collaborating on is the developing world.

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