MobEA V: Julia Kuck on “A Collaborative and Feature-based Approach to Context-Sensitive Service Discovery”

Note: These are notes from the MobEA V: Mobile Web in Developing Worlds Workshop, which is located with WWW2007.

We use mobile computing many different ways, getting info, navigational, entertainment, payment, or keys.  There is a high potential for understanding current use context.  They can be adaptive.

In the developing world, don’t need consistent electric power, they’re easily shareable, and don’t need a lot of technical support.

The devices could use Web services to provide functionality.  Computational power could be shared across countries.

The service is XML centric…written in WSDL.  There is message interaction to between the client and the service.  This is done in SOAP.

You can build complex web services.  It is highly flexible.  They’re not dependent on each other.  We can create new functionality.

How can we find adequate Web services?  There are yellow pages for Web services.  There are also search engines.

For a family vacation, you could have one service which delivers museums and one that delivers cultural activities.  You can add and take away different Web services.  The new ones would be available for discovery.

Right now they’re working on Web services composition.   Its like will two web services work nicely together. Their future work is on requesting new Web services composition.

Context information is used within the Web services.  It is handled in a lightweight XML format.  The full context is never submitted to the server.  Popularity and number of queries is also taken into consideration.

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