Heading to WWW2007

Tomorrow, I leave for the International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2007) in Banff, Alberta, Canada. I’m excited.

As I mentioned before, I’m presenting a paper at the “MobEA V – Mobile Web in the Developing World” workshop. After that, I’ll be at the WWW2007 conference, going to sessions for 2 days.

I’m going to take a lot of pictures and probably do a lot of live blogging. Stay tuned…

Any of you all going to Banff? Wanna meet up?

I hear Banff is gorgeous. Any good micro-breweries? It’d be cool to get a bunch of people together and go get beers. Drop me a comment.

2 thoughts on “Heading to WWW2007”

  1. Hi Justin – I’m currently in the W4A conference (I’ll be presenting a paper on Accessibility 2.0: People, Policies and Processes at the W4A conference tomorrow). I’ve explored a couple of the local pubs (the traditional is the best beer I’ve tasted so far).
    I’ll also be blogging from the conference – see http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com/

  2. Justin,

    I am from Calgary and I grew up skiing in the mountains you will be surrounded by on your trip. If you want to pick my brains you are welcome to it.

    I skype on rogerkondrat
    roger (at) canada@gmail (you know the rest)

    I live in the UK now so be aware I am 7hrs ahead of Calgary when you call :))

    It would be great if you sent me some photos too as I miss home a bit (lots actually). :))

    Have a good trip

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