Did Google & Jeffrey Veen forget about Measure Map?

Back in February 2006, Google acquired Adaptive Path‘s Web application Measure Map. It is a Web analytics package that is designed just for blogs.

Measure Map was never open to the public. It was always a closed beta. Ever since the acquisition, their Web site has always said, “We’re making improvements and not currently offering new accounts. Sign up and we’ll let you know when we do: ”

Well its been over a year.

Does Google not care about Measure Map anymore? Has it become drastically de-prioritized, just like Dodgeball? Apparently it got so bad for the Dodgeball guys, they decided to quit Google.

Has Jeffrey Veen been kept so busy with other things that Measure Map has slipped off his radar screen?

I was really excited about Measure Map when I first heard about it. There really isn’t any super great blogging analytics package out there. The excitement has slowly faded away.

Is Google the place where good startups go to die (ie Dodgeball, JotSpot, Measure Map)? It didn’t take that long for Writely to open up again as Google Docs. I think Google needs to embrace a little more transparency about their plans for the future or risk annoying the early adopter community.

Update for May 8th 2007:  The word is out now that Jeffrey has been working hard on Google Analytics and improving the user experience across the Google product line.  There is no word yet whether Google Analytics has replaced Measure Map.

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