Corecomm Web Hosting Is Dreadfully Slow On Server Updates

I’ve been using Corecomm Web Hosting, for a long long time. (since it was Voyager Web Hosting) Unfortunately, I’m not sure how much longer my patronage of their service is going to last.

I’m trying to install a new instance of the latest version of WordPress and it won’t work. Corecomm still has MySQL version 3.X loaded on their servers. The latest version of WordPress requires MySQL 4.0 or later.

So today, I called Corecomm asking if they could update the server that I’m on. They said it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months before I got my update.

Some of the functionality and presentation I want to implement requires the latest version of WordPress.

The question I have is do I want to wait for the dreadfully slow Corecomm Web Hosting to update their servers or should I start the migration to someone else?

MySQL 4.0 has been out for a while hasn’t it? Isn’t it crazy that they’re just starting to update and roll out new servers now?

I think we deserve better service.

4 thoughts on “Corecomm Web Hosting Is Dreadfully Slow On Server Updates”

  1. im a previous customer. they do have MySQL ver 4.0 or higher on one of their servers. I had to move to the new server to obtain the new version. call them and ask them, they will help you.

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