Blogging 101: Doesn’t blogging take a lot of time?

When I talk to people about blogging, one of the most common reactions that I get is, “I don’t have the kind of time to be able to blog. Those bloggers have way to much time on their hands.” So how much time does it actually take to have a successful blog?

It actually completely depends on the type of blog that you want to have. Some blogs I read update every day or multiple times a day, like Robert Scoble. Some other blogs I read only post updates once a week or once every couple of weeks, like Jeremy Keith or Molly Holzschlag. They’re all very successful blogs which I look forward to reading every time there is a new post.

You have to decide what’s going to work best for you and your audience. Maybe the topic that you write about is really fast paced and it would be conducive to be writing about it everyday. Maybe writing once a week would be better because you don’t have the audience nor the time nor that much good content to be writing that often.

There is no magic formula for the amount of time you put in your blog. It is just something that you get comfortable with and start to get a feel for. Over time, writing becomes easier and easier so its a matter of just finding the time and good content. The easier it is to write the faster you can compose interesting thoughts and musings.

Just have to remember that everything is beta and that you’re always learning how to do it better.

Now get out there and start blogging. You don’t have an excuse not to.

3 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Doesn’t blogging take a lot of time?”

  1. Yeah I think it’s best to set a schedule to blog on. If you are like me and post when you want to it’s hard to keep visitors rolling in.

    Another perception is that people who blog multiple times a day write small posts and people who blog daily or weekly have longer posts. Though this may be true I don’t think it effects your pageviews.

    Justin do you have a set schedule on blogging? Like once a week or every other day?

  2. @farrelly: I don’t have a set schedule. I try to not go more than a couple days without blogging. I used to have a text file that I kept on my desktop with possible blogging topics and outlines that I could use to write whenever I was having writers block.

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