Boredom: A Factor in Mobile Web Usage

More and more I have been using the Mobile Web as one way that I retrieve information. I have developed a relationship with my Samsung Blackjack. There are many times that I need information on the spot, like finding the closest taco place, and I’m not in front of my computer. I can type a few keys on my phone and the answer is at my finger tips.

Although, the instances which I’m probably using the Mobile Web the most are when I’m bored. All too often I find myself sitting somewhere waiting for someone or something. I pull out my mobile phone and start reading something.

Yesterday, I was flying home from Indianapolis. I had just landed at Washington National Airport. One of the baggage carousels was broken so all the baggage from five flights was coming in on one carousel. I waited for an hour and a half for my luggage. Thank goodness I had my phone. I started surfing to my favorite sites… re-connecting up with the world.

Well, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “why on earth would I want to pay $45/month (Cingular) so that I can entertain myself while I’m bored?” But the thing is, by being connected all the time, I can take that down time of waiting for someone or something and turn it into productive time. I can take that hour and half of boredom while waiting for luggage and use it to add to myself rather than just sitting there.

Our time is precious. Why not use as much of it as efficiently as possible? The Mobile Web allows you to be consuming information wherever your at whenever its convenient.

One thought on “Boredom: A Factor in Mobile Web Usage”

  1. I agree with you on this one…it is nice to have the mobile web to check my email or check some feeds on google reader when you are waiting for periods of time or even for me when it comes time to get in bed to surf the web in bed without having a laptop in bed with me 😀


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