“Giving Libraries a Second Life in a Virtual World”

On Wednesday, April 25th, I am going to be speaking on a panel at the DC Chapter of the Special Libraries Association. The panel is entitled “Giving Libraries a Second Life in a Virtual World.” If you’re interested in learning more about Second Life, I’d highly recommend that you come on out. It should be a good event. For non-DC/SLA members, it costs $15.

One thought on ““Giving Libraries a Second Life in a Virtual World””

  1. Justin, This sounds like an interesting talk, but in a geographically impossible venue. Something Hugh McLeod, followed by me, has started doing, that you might consider is posting your presentation notes just before the talk. I’m talking to the California Association of Librarians later this year, and I’d love to be able to attribute some comments to other bloggers, including you.

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