Young People Use Social Media

Last night I went to a meeting of the DC chapter of the Social Media Club, a group of like-minded people who are into “sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and for promoting [social] media literacy.” It had a great time.

The most fascinating part of the evening was the average age demographic. There may have only been a handful of people over the age of 30. It was all 20 somethings who work at PR firms.

I think it was a testament to how much the younger generation depends on social media as a way to disseminate information. It’s something that can’t be ignored. The organizations that are ignoring it are getting left behind or have been left behind in the dust.

So does your organization use social media (blogging, podcasting, social networking) as a tool for getting its message across? How receptive has your management been? What tactics have you used to achieve by-in?

BTW – One thing I was slightly bummed about last nite. Debbie Weil, one of the thought leaders on corporate blogging and a Washington DC native, stopped by but I think when she saw how young the crowd was didn’t stay long. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet her again sometime soon.

6 thoughts on “Young People Use Social Media”

  1. Ouch, yes, it seems Debbie Weill wasn’t fond of the event:

    ” eegads, social media club meeting was a waste of time. everyone there was 25 (OK, maybe 28) and said “and like… and like… and like.. ” ”

    Personally, I don’t remember an overabundance of “and like” noise pollution. Though maybe since I’m in the demographic in question I wouldn’t remember it anyways.

    I had a great time at SMC and it was good hearing your insight Justin.

  2. Justin,

    So sorry I had to leave and that we didn’t get a chance to meet properly. The turnout was impressive — and yes, fascinating that it was mostly 20-somethings. That’s a good thing, right?! Just know that there’s plenty of us oldsters equally committed to making social media work for corporations. Heck I think of it as a revolution in corporate PR, marketing and advertising. Onward!

  3. Well I’ve learned something… Twitter really is microblogging and apparently just as public. Sorry guys… my apologies for sounding critical.

  4. Debbie – makes it balanced and keeps people honest – also gave me a bit of a laugh actually when I read the Twitter – full transparency and honesty, even if we cant get our full feelings across in 140 characters all the time…

  5. PS – great to hear this other perspective balancing it out and helping people move the conversation forward – cross=generational, cross-technical and cross-geographical is exactly the sort of thing that can make it more interesting…

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