dotMobi Mobile Web Developers Guide

The Mobile Web is the future. Good reliable resources are just starting to trickle in. Blue Flavor’s Brian Fling and the dotMobi crew have set the bar high with their dotMobi Mobile Web Developers Guide. Check it out. It is a great resource.

Do you use the Mobile Web? Do you develop for the Mobile Web? Any Mobile Web resources that you’d recommend?

4 thoughts on “dotMobi Mobile Web Developers Guide”

  1. @Paul, Don’t worry. I’m not a fan of the .mobi TLD. If we do .mobi, then we also have to do .wii and that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’m also very familiar with the W3C Mobile Web Initiative. But the Mobile Web Developers Guide that Brian put out does have a ton of good advice and guidance in it.

  2. Yeah – there was a lot of controversy around the time of the ICANN application for .mobi, but the “considered harmful” position is now almost 3 years old.

    In the meantime, we’ve worked extremely closely with W3C in helping the MWI activities. More “pretty cousin” than “evil twin”.

    Our basic goal is to do our little bit to make the mobile web a success. (It needs all the help it can get). Most of the points that Tim Berners-Lee raises have been constructively dealt with.

    .mobi is nothing like .wii.

    In front of a Wii, you’re in almost exactly the same context (fixed, big-screen, time-rich) as you are at a PC.

    When mobile, you are in a vastly different context (er, mobile, small-screen, probably time-poor).

    .mobi is not about the shape or appearance of the gadget you’re viewing the page on – it’s about the context that the human is in whilst trying to get to relevant information.

    I probably explained it better here:

    Thanks for the coverage though 🙂

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