Vote for Wash DC for Next Future of Web Apps. Conference

Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

Ryan Carson of Carson Systems has posted a poll for where the next Future of Web Apps. conference should be. Show Washington DC some love and vote for it as the next conference location. It’d be great to bring some Web conferences over to the East coast of the USA.

(Photo by chadh)

7 thoughts on “Vote for Wash DC for Next Future of Web Apps. Conference”

  1. I wouldn’t bother – I had a pass and bailed at the last minute. Those who went tell me it was speed dating for startups and VCs and a lot of “froth”. I think a US version of XTech would suit you better!

  2. Paul, I heartily disagree. Anyway, as you didn’t go, it’s not really fair for you to judge.

    It’s certainly *not* speed dating for VCs and startups. It’s about empowering, encouraging and teaching anyone interested in web apps.

    Why don’t you check out all the MP3s and presentations we’ve made freely available at the site?

    Then let us know what you think šŸ™‚

  3. Yes, sorry, it’s not really fair for me to slag off FOWA when I didn’t even go myself. One of the reasons I originally booked up was the impressive speakers list, and conferences are all about people, interactions and networking, which is one of the reason why I like the whole “unconference” thing. I guess I’m saying for Justin, a small cool conference such as XTech which I feel is more inclusive might be more of his thing. Best result would be if he could go to both!

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