SMS Text Messaging… the really killer app

Everyone wants to know what the killer and exciting application is that will change our lives in the years to come. Everyday I think more and more that it is right under our noses. It is our ability to send SMS text messages with our mobile phones.

Image of a cell phone with a text message

According to the MEX blog, a new statistic came out from the Portio Research group that 3.7 trillion text messages will be sent in 2012. Thats a lot of text messages.

I know I use it more and more. It is a great way to send quick messages to my friends. I can ask someone a quick question, let someone know I am thinking about them, or even flirt with that special lady. I know Google and other companies are working hard that allow me to utilize SMS as a way to get location-specific information like where a restaurant is or driving directions.

The question is… how can we use SMS text messaging to stay connected with each other and our communities in new and exciting ways? What does this new app look like?

Do you use text messaging? How many do you send a day?

3 thoughts on “SMS Text Messaging… the really killer app”

  1. Yea, SMS is really great.

    Micro-communication is what I’ll call it. Like twitter, but in a big brother sort of way. Imagine giving someone access to what you do (connected via phones) for a short period of time?

    Driving, for example, phone+GPS = driving directions for you based on someone else’s path.

    Or maybe you want to make sure your kid is renting caddyshack, like he said he was.

    I guess that stuff is a little more ‘user-agent’ than it is straight SMS, but a man can dream.

  2. having unlimited text messaging I am on it all the time daily.

    * shooting messages to my buddies while i am at work or they are at work or school. easier to just chat throughout the day then sit at work on my phone and make personal calls. fun to get them kinda keeps your day going.

    * using twitter to update and to follow others.

    * getting breaking news

    I see the future of content via sms just growing and I think it is a very good thing.


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